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Covered Vehicle Transport

This service is offered to customers with very high value and performance vehicles. With all of the vehicles we transport we undertake immaculate care, but with high value cars, we put extra insurance cover into place and ensure the vehicles are safe at all times.
We can winch the vehicles on and off if our customers prefer, to save wear on the cars clutch and mechanical moving parts.
We route the journey to be taken to undertake as few stops as possible and where stops are made we ensure secure parking is adopted at all times.
We also adopt covered and enclosed car transport as many of the vehicles we transport are of high value and could be subject to interest for Thieves & Vandals. By using enclosed transport this eliminates this risk entirely. Concealment of vehicles in transit also allows Car Movers to provide transport for Prototype and Development Vehicles, Concept Cars and pre launch models.
We have many clients who use our services for transporting vehicles to video shoots, promotional campaigns where the driver would help manage and set up the vehicle to the clients requirements.
Experts in transporting a wide-range of vehicles
From dedicated single covered moves to multiple movements we can accommodate our clients every needs. Be it Classic cars, Race cars, Prestigious vehicles, Historics and High Performance Super Cars, Car Movers has experience in every field of the motorcar industry.
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